Shoulder Surgery for Canadian Patients

If you are a  Canadian seeking expert shoulder care or do not want to wait for several months for treatment, Dr. Denard and his team at Oregon Shoulder Institute have experience treating patients regardless of their location. 
He and his team at the Oregon Shoulder Institute are happy to assist in providing a smooth experience to receive the shoulder care that you and your family deserve.  After having surgery at the Oregon Shoulder Institute, our team will continue to follow up with you via telehealth visits and coordinate your therapy. 
Many people find this process more convenient than surgery closer to home because they are able to avoids long wait times for treatment and do not need to go into a doctor’s office for follow-up care and therapy. 
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Why Would I Travel from Canada to the Oregon Shoulder Institute for Shoulder Surgery?
First, studies in shoulder surgery have shown that experience and skill matter. Higher volume of successful surgeries leads to better results. Dr. Denard has performed over 7,000 shoulder surgeries and is recognized as an international shoulder expert based on his technical skill and research contributions. 
Second, many people in Canada are discouraged by extended wait times for shoulder surgery. Long wait times can lead to a continued decrease in quality of life or progressive damage.
How Do I Get an Evaluation?
To become a patient or get a second opinion, contact us to set up an initial video or telehealth consultation.
How Long do I Have to Wait for Shoulder Surgery?
If you are traveling from Canada, we can typically arrange surgery within a few weeks following your initial evaluation.  
What is the Process if I Travel to Have Shoulder Surgery at the Oregon Shoulder Institute?
If you are traveling from Canada, we can typically arrange surgery within a few weeks following your initial evaluation.  

Our process is as follows

  • Pre-operative evaluation of radiographic images (X-ray and MRI) with a video call to determine the best course of treatment.
  • Travel to Oregon the day before surgery and have an in-office face-to-face evaluation the day prior to surgery.
  • Surgery is performed the next day.
  • Dr. Denard will personally call you after surgery and provide contact information to ensure you have open communication during your stay. Direct access to nursing staff is also provided.
  • Travel home can occur on the same day or the next day depending on your desires and the length of travel.
  • Virtual post-operative visits (2-week phone call; 3-month video conference, 6-month video conference) are used to monitor your progress.
What are the Costs for a Remote Shoulder Evaluation?
An initial Telehealth or video visit costs $250 USD. This includes review of your history, imaging, current function, and recommendation for treatment. 
What are the Costs for Surgery if this is needed?
We provide a bundled fee which includes your initial consultation and all surgical fees (surgery center, anesthesia, surgical fees, implants required for surgery) with no hidden costs. 
Full pricing is available here.
Why is the Oregon Shoulder Institute in Medford, Oregon?
We get this question a lot! Dr. Denard was born in Zig Zag, Oregon and raised in The Dalles, Oregon, which are even smaller than Medford! The decision to raise his family in the Rogue Valley was an easy one. Fortunately, this hasn’t stopped him and the Oregon Shoulder Institute from providing advance shoulder care to patients worldwide.