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I had a right shoulder replacement. The surgery was at 7:30 am and I was discharged that same morning at 10:30 am. Dr. Denard called me that same evening to make sure I was doing well. I love that he had made a DVD with physical therapy exercises on it that I could do at home. I am now 6 months post surgery and I am stronger and have better mobility than before the surgery without the pain and I know the range and strength will continue to improve. I have had other joints replaced but this was an easier recovery. So grateful for Dr. Denard and his team!

Shirley Perry

I injured my shoulder, although my injury was serious enough to require surgery, I was fortunate to have Dr. Denard and his team in charge of my medical care. From the initial intake appointment until my final discharge, I was treated as if I was the only patient they were seeing everyone involved was professional and able to explain all of the procedures and I knew what to expect at each step of healing process. So the healing process Dr. Denard operated  for a pretty bad tear on the left shoulder after the surgery I was released to go home that day. That afternoon Dr. Denard personally called to see how things were going. Also I received an e-mail from his office with step by step instructions plus a video of the surgery and a video from Dr. Denard explaining how things went I was a little surprised to know 9 anchors were used still he was optimistic about the use of my shoulder. It has taken hard work and dedication, currently working on push ups. hand stands next…. Dr. Denard I greatly appreciate what you have done!!!! and yes my shoulder is feeling great. Again I am glad I was your patient

Patrick Fossen

After a year of suffering with intense shoulder pain, having to give up golf & barely being able to lift my arm I knew it was time,,,having had 2 hip replacements I was not looking forward to joint #3. Dr. Denard & his PA are the best. After a month in the sling it was smooth sailing from there. Pain free, went to PT for a short time which helped in getting range of motion back. I was back playing golf in 6 mths. I would say I’m about 95% normal. Highly recommend Dr. Denard!!


I couldn’t have had a better doctor. He is very professional and has a great bedside manner. He was very informative of what I would go through and of my treatment after.

Nancy Brockman

Dr. Denard repaired my rotator cuff, and I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. He is a caring surgeon, and takes the time to listen to patient concerns. Thank you, Dr. Denard!

Susan Cady

I’ve had Dr Denard repair both my shoulders and the outcome has been Amazing! From the Efficiency of the Front end Staff, Their techs and Medical asst. To the Surgical staff & rehab protocol his team has put together, I recommend Dr. Denard and Southern Oregon Orthopedics to anyone and everyone we know!

Claudia Lowery

I had a reverse shoulder replacement By Dr. Denard. From the time of surgery to today there has never been any pain. The therapist was amazed at my flexibility so soon after the surgery, 6 weeks. After three flexibility sessions, he cancelled the flex therapy and told me to wait for the time to start strength therapy. I am absolutely astonished at Dr. Denards skill

Harry LeVine

I was injured in a auto accident and my Rotator cuff was very painful and I consulted Dr Denard as well as my primary DR. who recommended I have the repair. I was very much afraid to have it done but decided I needed something as I was in too much pain. I am so happy I did as my left shoulder is stronger now than my right. I am free of pain in my left shoulder after two years to recovery.

Bobbie Lancaster

Dr. Denard is amazing at his diagnosis, plan of action, and follow up post surgery I had a total reverse right shoulder replacement, with an absolute minimum of pain and 100% success. I have recommended him to several people already.

Carolyn Callahan

Dr. Denard performed a reverse shoulder replacement on my right shoulder. Prior to surgery I could lift my arm only to about 50%, and certainly not above my head. After Dr. Denard’s outstanding work, I can lift my arm above my head, throw a baseball, without any pain whatsoever. Dr. Denard was a godsend for me. If you are fortunate enough to get Dr. Denard for your shoulder problems, consider yourself in wonderful hands. I love the guy!!

Michael A. Smith

Dr. Denard did my shoulder surgery January 2016. He repaired a torn rotator cuff, torn bicep and bone spurs. So happy with the outcome of the surgery. No pain anymore and shoulder is back to full strength.

Jeanie Hoffbuhr

Dr. Denard repaired my rotator cuff and detached bicep tendon . I have complete use of my arm and shoulder now, after 17 years of limited use and pain. I am very happy and would highly recommend Dr. Denard.

Jim Geiger

After living for decades in shoulder pain, and other doctors telling me that nothing was wrong and that I had Fibromyalgia….I finally made it to Dr. Denard and staff. YES…something was wrong,I was in so much discomfort, that I could not stand to play my piano for long. NO I did not have Fibromyalgia. I had a torn shoulder. Doc fixed it! I had some scare tissue that had to be removed in a later surgery and one injection since. I am able to do lots of things now… of burning, prickly feeling, stiffness, and weakness. THANK YOU DOCTOR DENARD….Erika

Erika Bedford

Prior to having “Reverse Shoulder Replacement” by Dr Denard, I could not lift my arm higher than my shoulder. I had suffered for 14 years with the pain and inability to do the activities that I was accustomed doing. Dr Denard changed that. I have been able to carry out many of the activities again. I feel that the “surgery” was a success; and that the shoulder will continue to improve, even more, as time goes by. Thank you Dr. Denard for giving me my life back! I appreciate it more than you could ever imagine

Patti Alexander

I had a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. I had constant pain and could hardly sleep. The operation wasn’t without some pain and discomfort afterwards, but after four months and my determination to do my excersises I am pain free and on my way to a full recovery.

Richard Tarkon

My Surgery with Dr. Denard was amazing. First of all I am 60 years old, the ligament had tore away from the bone and was wadded up down in my bicep. I could not raise my arm at all.The Pain was unbearable. I was worrying and stressed out, because I work for .Knife River as an equipment operator, Scraper and Dozer.12 hour 6 days a week. The first day of work at the end of the day, I realized I had climbed up on that Scraper maybe 10 times .It was like a miracle I have had no issues no pain.Dr. Denard did an excellent job on my shoulder,I still can’t believe it is like new.

Billy G Smith

Went 4 months before getting my shoulder fixed. I am older and Dr. Denard fixed me up in October. Lots of injuries to my rotator cuff but I am now back to a normal life style but still working on getting stronger and more flexible. It’s great to have surgeons who know their specialty and can get you back in your game! With my shoulder I do know that I need to take small steps with getting full strength back, but I know that Dr. Denard has given me a firm foundation to build those steps.

Charles Longmire

I re tore my shoulder and sought out 4 different opinions. Thankfully I found Dr. Denard and had a remote conference after sending him my images. He explained that he has great success with Superior Capsule Reconstruction with a Allergen graft. I had that surgery  and am doing great. Easier PT, ROM was great right after sling was removed. 4 months later pain free, 100 ROM, and good strength. This is the first time in 5 years I am able to help in our garden. Thanks’ Doc You are the best. Barry

Barry A. Perlmutter

Dr. Denard repaired my injured shoulder. It was an experience for me to be ‘immobile’ for 6 weeks, but due to his surgical skill and care, I was without pain immediately after and quite soon recovered. Its been nearly a year since then and my shoulder is totally functional for me, remaining pain free too. Such skilled and caring services as Dr. Denard provides are all to rare these days deserving recognition and praise too. If you are considering shoulder surgery, I can think of no other doctor I would recommend more highly


Kathy from Salem, OR wrote: Hello Dr. Denard; Thank you very much for the video, report and after care instructions. I also appreciate that I have received after care verbally, on paper and electronically. A “push” of several methods of providing information vs. a “pull” on my part takes thought and effort. You, Candace and the rest of your staff as well as the surgery center staff are incredibly attentive, professional and competent. I can not tell you how much I appreciate your help and mostly your active listening in dealing with my intolerance to opiods, your empathy and follow up in my care. Your practice has exceeded all of my expectations. You and your staff provide a phenomenal patient experience. It should be a case study because in my experience and I have had a few, it no longer exists.

Kathy Shen

Dr. Denard and his staff are very professional and provide detailed information about the surgery, and post out. The preparation for surgery was very efficient and the people performing the surgery was very competent. They made me feel secure. I am making progress with physical therapy, and hopefully my right arm will back to normal soon due to the surgical skills of Dr. Dernard

Lillian Lynch

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