June 28, 2022

Precautions for Golfers who have had a Shoulder Surgery but are ready to return to the Game

Returning to golf or any sport after shoulder surgery is not just about being able to play again, but being able to avoid further injury to your shoulder. Here are some precautions for golfers who have had shoulder surgery, but are ready to return to the game.How soon you return back to golf will be guided by the type of surgery and how you heal. You will have a period of time when you are in a sling. This is because you need to give your soft tissues time to heal after the surgery.Patients returning to the golf who underwent shoulder surgerymay initially experience stiffness as a result of healing. This typically resolves by six months after surgery. The physical therapy program will be directed towards slowly increasing shoulder range of motion. Initially, patients should be careful to limit range of motion to what feels comfortable and stay within the safe zone based on your surgeon’s recommendations.My general guideline after rotator cuff repair or shoulder replacement is the following:Putting is allowed at 8-12 weeks after surgeryChipping is allowed at 16 weeks after surgeryFull swings are allowed 6 months after surgeryThrough the recovery process and even afterwards, always do warm-up exercises for the shoulder. Be sure to stretch prior to swinging. Develop the habit of listening to your shoulder and if an activity feels pain free, then the chances are it is NOT doing you harm.Dr. Patrick Denard has been voted one of the top 20 Shoulder Surgeons in North America and is the most widely published shoulder specialist in Oregon. Dr. Denard is committed to providing the highest level of Orthopedic care to his patients. Dr. Denard has advanced arthroscopy training and is able to perform the vast majority of shoulder procedures in a minimally invasive fashion, including all types of rotator cuff repairs and in-stability repair. These techniques allow him to repair tears that some consider "irreparable." Providing every patient with advanced medicine and compassionate care each and every time.

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