Finding the Best Doctor for Rotator Cuff Repair

Most people do some research when looking for a shoulder surgeon. Steve Davison (71) took his to the next level. After asking his trusted fishing guide (who also worked in orthopedics) who he thought the best orthopedic surgeon was for rotator cuff repair, the guide recommended Dr. Patrick Denard with the Oregon Shoulder Institute in Medford, Oregon.Medford was 1,931 miles away from his home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, but Davison decided to research further. He knew that Dr. Denard had literally written the book on rotator cuff repair, so he decided to read it even though it was written by an orthopedic surgeon for orthopedic surgeons. Although a “difficult read,” once through the first 350 pages, Davison knew he had his guy.“Anyone who can write 30 detailed pages about how to keep blood out of a wound by monitoring blood pressure has my trust,” says Steve. He also knew Dr. Denard and the surgeons at Oregon Shoulder were experienced, high volume experts. Davison had consulted with four other surgeons, but Denard’s interview technique was beyond what he had experienced with others. “He asked about my history and we talked about my championship ping pong and tennis playing. When I told him that I quit playing after I started to serve underhand, he knew I needed surgery. I decided to move forward when I could no longer sleep comfortably at night,” says Davison.The surgery went well, and Davison recovered quickly. Having the surgery allowed him to continue to pursue his bee keeping business which is physically demanding. One box of honey can weigh 100 pounds, and he could not have done it without a healthy shoulder. “My reconstructed shoulder is actually stronger than my other,” says Davison.Steve is back to exploring new ways to keep himself busy, having most recently built a 43-inch signing table made from purple heart and quarter sawn sycamore for his accounting office, by hand.“Patrick is the guy to do a shoulder surgery. There is no doubt in my mind,” says Davison. “The quality of staff was superior, and everyone was very knowledgeable and pleasant. I did not have one negative experience. Every detail at Oregon Shoulder Institute was followed, and I would have noticed if something were not.”To schedule an appointment with the Oregon Shoulder Institute, please call (541) 608-2595. We look forward to hearing from you.

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