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Testimonial - Stephanie

Stephanie's Revision Surgery

Stephanie's Revision Surgery

After having one botched partial shoulder replacement surgery, I consulted with Dr. Denard. He suggested a reverse replacement and I took his suggestion. Not looking forward to a second surgery, I was delighted that the healing was easier than the first surgery, and Dr. Denard was available, empathetic, concerned and did a great job. I have regained at least 90% use after 9 months out of surgery. But now he wants to do the other arm...OMG....what's next? Just kidding....when you are bone on bone it is just a matter of time. He was willing to do the platelet shots for me which are helping immensely to give my other arm more time to heal. Thank you Dr. Denard, you are the best as far as I am concerned.

- Stephanie
Medford, OR