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Testimonial - Matt

Matt's Floating Shoulder

Matt's Floating Shoulder

As a competitive swimmer in US Masters Swimming (USMS), my shoulders are extremely important to me. I was terrified that my left shoulder would never be the same after a bad bicycle wreck while traveling at 30mph broke four ribs, my clavicle and scapula in my left shoulder, resulting in a condition known as "floating shoulder." Dr. Denard recommended surgery to plate the clavicle and stabilize the shoulder so that it would heal properly. The discomfort in the shoulder was dramatically lessened immediately after surgery, but I still was unable to lift my left arm which was a huge concern for me considering my desire to return to swimming competitively. Dr. Denard and his staff were extremely helpful and communicative, giving me assistance and encouragement throughout the healing and recovery process. The cycling accident occurred on July 24th, with surgery on the clavicle one week later. By the end of September I had regained most of the mobility in my shoulder and had begun gently swimming again. By late October, I was swimming at a high level again and was able to win two USMS National Championship swims, the 3000 yard and the 6000 yard ePostal swims! I had made a full recovery both in terms of strength and mobility by mid November. I cannot say thank you enough to Dr. Denard and his staff for the excellent care they provided me. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Denard to anyone in need of top-level orthopedic care.

- Matt
Ashland, OR