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On May 18,2016, I injured my shoulder, Although my injury was serious enough to require surgery, I was fortunate to have Dr. Denard and his team in charge of my medical care. From the initial intake appointment until my final discharge, I was treated as if I was the only patient they were seeing everyone involved was professional and able to explain all of the procedures and I knew what to expect at each step of healing process. So the healing process Dr. Denard operated on me June 17,2016 for a pretty bad tear on the left shoulder after the surgery I was released to go home that day. That afternoon Dr. Denard personally called to see how things were going. Also I received an e-mail from his office with step by step instructions plus a video of the surgery and a video from Dr. Denard explaining how things went I was a little surprised to know 9 anchors were used still he was optimistic about the use of my shoulder. It has taken hard work and dedication, currently working on push ups. hand stands next.... Dr. Denard I greatly appreciate what you have done!!!! and yes my shoulder is feeling great. Again I am glad I was your patient.

- Patrick Fossen