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Testimonial - Carol Ann Zon

Bucket List #1!


Whooo Hooo! Long awaited lifetime achievement!


Libby's Reverse Shoulder Replacement

But...the journey to achievement almost ended while I was out trying to birth this very dream! As I flew through the air off of my horse on a warm September afternoon, I realized as I hit the ground and heard my right shoulder grinding, snapping and cracking, that this season I was out! In my left hand was my brand new Hoyt bow, a gift given to me by my 90 year old father, all intact! Whew! My first thought was OMG! There is no way I will get to finish out this archery hunting season! I was mad! Really mad! I was so disappointed I started to cry! My husband jumped off of his horse and came running back to help me get up off of the ground. As he helped me to stand, we both realized I had very seriously hurt my right shoulder! I could not walk but a few steps at a time, the pain I was in was almost unbearable! Excruciating!

Long story short, 3 days later I met Dr. Patrick Denard. He was optimistic and believed he could put my shattered ( in six pieces) shoulder back together! I was scared about what my outcome may be. I decided if Dr. Denard believed he could, then I would place all of my trust in his knowledge, skill and ability! It was not going to be an easy battle and it would take a lot of time to heal. I was told it could take two years or more. No way! Absolutely! No way, I was missing out on next years archery season I told myself! So the challenge began! Into my right shoulder went a steel plate and ten long screws!

A month later Dr. Denard removed two screws. Leaving the remaining eight and the steel plate in my shoulder.

I followed Dr Denard's orders to a T! I went through eight weeks in a sling! That was a challenge in itself! But then came months of physical therapy! I was worried about my progress and lack of mobility.

Almost a year later, hunting season was approaching fast and I was getting stronger. I was so excited to pull my bow back and sling some arrows! But I still had a ways to go before I could pull back the required 50 pounds to be able to hunt elk. I was not giving up this challenge for anything! I believed I could and was determined I would! Then Dr Denard drops a bomb on my heart and tells me that he felt it was time to remove the hardware. At first I thought, Oh no! Not now! After all, I'd almost reached my goal of those precious 50 pounds! So I timidly ask him if it could please wait until after archery season...when I heard his yes, I wanted to cry with excitement, YES! After all, it was because of his knowledge, skill and ability that I had come this far!

Almost a year to the day of my injury, I got my first archery Bull elk! The #1 check off of my bucket list! The look on Dr Denard's face when I showed him this photo was priceless! He was grinning from ear to ear! I feel blessed to have had Dr Denard as my orthopedic surgeon! I truly trusted his ability and I am not disappointed. I am one fortunate lady to have had this very professional, amazingly gifted man, surgically piece my shoulder back together. I will always be grateful to him.

- Carol Ann Zon
(Bugle girl)