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  • Testimonial - Patrick Fossen

    On May 18,2016, I injured my shoulder, Although my injury was serious enough to require surgery, I was fortunate to have Dr. Denard and his team in charge of my medical care. From the initial intake appointment until my final discharge, I was treated as if I was the only patient they were seeing everyone involved was professional and able to explain all of the procedures and I knew what to expect at each step of healing process.

    - Patrick Fossen

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  • Testimonial - Carol Ann Zon

    Testimonial - Carol Ann Zon

    But...the journey to achievement almost ended while I was out trying to birth this very dream! As I flew through the air off of my horse on a warm September afternoon, I realized as I hit the ground and heard my right shoulder grinding, snapping and cracking, that this season I was out!

    - Carol Ann Zon
    (Bugle girl)

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  • Testimonial - Diane

    After a year of suffering with intense shoulder pain, having to give up golf & barely being able to lift my arm I knew it was time, having had 2 hip replacements I was not looking forward to joint #3. Dr. Denard & his PA are the best. After a month in the sling it was smooth sailing from there.

    - Diane

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  • Testimonial - Libby

    Testimonial - Libby

    Libby's Reverse Shoulder Replacement

    I'm so grateful to have had the total reverse shoulder replacement. My recovery went smoothly and now I am pain free and able to do the things I enjoy, especially lifting and caring for my granddaughter.

    - Libby
    Grants Pass, OR

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  • Testimonial - Meg

    Testimonial - Meg

    Meg's Rotator Cuff Tear

    I tore my rotator cuff as the result of a bike accident in 2012. A few months later I had Dr. Denard do the repair and had a great result.

    - Meg
    Physical Therapist

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  • Testimonial - Stephanie

    Testimonial - Stephanie

    Stephanie's Revision Surgery

    After having one botched partial shoulder replacement surgery, I consulted with Dr. Denard. He suggested a reverse replacement and I took his suggestion.

    - Stephanie
    Medford, OR

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  • Testimonial - Mary Jo

    Testimonial - Mary Jo

    Mary Jo's Shoulder Replacement

    November of 2013 Shoulder replacement surgery. Wow! something I knew had to be done to improve quality of life if possible. At 86 I was not sure I was ready to even try.

    - Mary Jo
    Roseburg, OR

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  • Testimonial - Matt

    Testimonial - Matt

    Matt's Floating Shoulder

    As a competitive swimmer in US Masters Swimming (USMS), my shoulders are extremely important to me. I was terrified that my left shoulder would never be the same after a bad bicycle wreck while traveling at 30mph broke four ribs...

    - Matt
    Ashland, OR

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  • Testimonial - Wayne

    Testimonial - Wayne

    Wayne's Broken Clavicle

    Dear Dr. Denard,
    I wanted to send you some feedback about my experience with you and your entire staff at Southern Oregon Orthopedics.

    - Wayne
    Medford, Oregon

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  • Testimonial - Barb

    Barbara's Frozen Shoulder

    "My experience with Dr. Denard and his staff has been wonderful. He is very kind, and dedicated to his profession. Dr. Denard is always on time and takes time to explain the necessary treatment.

    - Barb
    Central Point, OR

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